Claire Martin

 Claire is an energetic young lady with a heart for God and the French people. She grew up in France. After college she had a call on her life to minister to the French. An opportunity opened with Encompass World Partners at the Chateau Retreat Center in Saint Albain. She applied and was accepted. She works at the center helping set up retreats, conferences, and seminars. She helps with cleaning, gardening and welcoming guests. 

Mark & Amy Chase

 Mark & Amy Chase were the worship leaders of a church in the northern part of Colorado. They had served on various short term mission trip and felt a call toward full time ministry. The entire family has musical talents. They joined Josiah Venture. They are helping to launch Fusion (a ministry that reaches out to unchurched youth through a network of evangelistic rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups) with their church. 

Stephen Smith

 Stephen is with Youth With A Mission. His passion is reaching people through music. His education has been in the area of how culture is affected through music. His base of operation is in London and works the music arts with different cultures from around the world. The team he is with have translated parts of the Bible into other languages and has had a tremendous impact on unreached people of different cultures. 

Ray & Jan Schmautz

 Ray was called to the ministry while he was playing professional football. From that calling he has pastored churches. After his retirement from the pastoral ministry. Ray felt the call to minister to our military. He has been with Cadence International and him and Jan host a Hospitality House to the military in the Pikes Peak region. They conduct Bible Studies for both singles and couples. 

Dario & Talitha Chiesa

 The Chiesa’s are in the process of raising support with Baptist Mid-Missions as Missionaries to the Latinos in Katy, Texas. Dario was born and raised in Argentina, He met Talitha at a Baptist Youth camp. She is a Missionary Kid. They were married in 1998 and have 4 children. They will be church planting among Hispanics in Katy, Texas. Their prayer is that they will be in Katy in December.